Maternal and infant mortality becomes nil


Lahan, Sept 2: Maternal and infant mortality in Siraha became nil in Siraha after the encouragement by the government to expecting mothers to go to the health institutions for delivery.

No mother or a new born died in course of delivery in Siraha in the fiscal year 2014/15, according to the District Public Health Office, Siraha. This has been possible as expecting mothers have begun coming for regular check-up and also for delivery in health institutions, said chief of the Safe motherhood unit at the Office, Renu Rai.

Six new born had died in the fiscal year 2013/14 with no maternal mortality in the district.

It may be noted that the government has been providing an extra allowance of Rs. 500 for women coming to health institute for delivery, along with free service and warm clothes for the new born.

A total of 8,856 women had given birth at health centres in the fiscal year 2014/15 with an additional 430 doing it at home with the help of skilled health workers, according to the Office.

The encourage including a incentive from the government and rising health awareness among the people has led to a decline in infant and maternal mortality rate, the Chief of the District Public Health Office, Siraha Dr Daya Shanker Lal Karna said. RSS

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