One found dead in mysterious condition in hotel room


Banke, Sept 2: A man was found dead in mysterious condition in Hotel Poplife in Kohalpur of Banke.

Bikash Rai of around 30 years of age of Kohalpur-11 was found dead in his hotel room. He had reportedly checked-in on Wednesday at the hotel with his friends Prashant Shakya of Nepalgunj, Pawan Shrestha of Kohalpur and Iswar Thapa of Birendranagar, police said.

Prashant and Iswar have been taken into police custody for necessary investigation.

Security strengthened in Nepalgunj

Hundreds of police personnel have been mobilized in different areas of Nepalgunj since early this morning.

The security measure has been consolidated after a bust of late King Birendra was remove at midnight. The statue had been installed yesterday afternoon by monarchists, leading to a tense situation throughout the day.

The Setu BK chowk, Dhamboji chowk, Puspa Lal chowk and BP chowk are currently under police cordon in order to avert any possible skirmishes between sides installing and removing the statue of the late King. RSS

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