Three level elections within stipulated timeframe: Law Minister Nayak


Bhaktapur, Sept 4: Minister for Law, Justie and Parliamentary Affairs, Ajaya Shankar Nayak, said preperations were underway to conduct elections in three levels within the stipulated timeframe.

The country may face constitutional crisis in case the elections were not held in time, he said, “So it is essential to hold the elections.” But consensus is a must among major political parties in this regard, he stressed.

The Minister was speaking at a Face to Face programme at Rafat Sanchar Club here today.

On resolving Madhes issue, he stressed the need for amending the constitution to implement the three-point agreement struck with the protesting Federal Alliance before the government was formed. Addressing Madhes demands was a must to create environment for holding the elections, he argued.

On a different context, he said as the judiciary is not free from corruption and annomalies, he committed to controling such ill sides in judiciary. RSS

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