Dog bite cases up in Mahottari


Mahottari, Sept 7: The number of cases related to dog-bite has lately increased in Mahottari District with the onset of suitable season for canine reproduction.

The influx of patients with dog-bite thronging the District Hospital at Jaleshower in the district has risen sharply as the heath facility here would receive one or two such patients in the past.

Around a dozen of patients, including patients from bordering towns in India, on average come to the Hospital on a daily basis, according to Sakesh Karna, one of the medical staffs in the Hospital.

“Since the mating seasons for animals, mainly canines has started, dogs are more aggressive and easily provoked during this period. The rise in the cases of dog-bite during this season is attributed to the canine aggression,” explained Karna.

Karn added that the dogs bite in retaliation if provoked or attacked. He shared that a separate medical team is to be mobilized soon to render effective medical services to the patients with dog-bites since the Hospital is receiving a larger number of patients than in the normal days. RSS

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