Indra Jatra lingo draws worshippers at Bhotahiti


Kathmandu, Sept 7: The public paid homage and worshipped the wooden pole known as lingo placed at Bhotahiti as part of a historic ritual in the lead up to the famous Indra Jatra festival.

The wooden pole which is erected at Hanumandhoka of the Kathmandu Durbar Square to unfurl the flag of Hindu God Indra was brought from Chittapole jungle of Bhaktapur on Bhadra Shukla Chauthi as per Nepali lunar calendar.

The locals of the Bhotahiti and Ason pay homage to the pole on the day of Panchami.The pole will be kept for worship at Bhotahiti until September 10 and then taken to Hanumandhoka.

The lingo is then erected on September 13 on the auspicious hour, Manandhar Association’s representative, Mohan Krishna Manandhar said. The Indra Jatra falls on September 15 this year. RSS

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