Chairman Thapa demands removing secularism


Rupandehi, Sept 9: Chairman of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP)-Nepal Kamal Thapa has demanded that the country be re-establishing a Hindu nation through amendment to the constitution.
Speaking at a news conference organised by the RPP-Nepal at Butwal this morning, Chairman Thapa reiterated that the party’s demand should also be addressed if constitution is amended as per the wish of the Madhes-based parties. He further said the party was even ready for a referendum if the demands are not addressed in the constitution amendment.
Also former Deputy Prime Minister, Thapa said that the incumbent government has been failed to address the demands of the Madhes-based parties even after a month has passed since its formation. He also blamed the government for not carrying out necessary preparation to hold all three-level elections.
Stating that the constitution could not be amended without a consensus among political parties, Chairman Thapa said either CPN (UML) or RPP-Nepal was needed to garner two-their majority for constitution amendment as three parties—Nepali Congress, CPN (Maoist Centre) and Madhes-based parties lack the same. “However the government has not held any discussion with our party so far”, he said.
The RPP-Nepal Chairman said the country would be pushed into a mishap as a result of constitutional vacuum if elections were not held in the country on time. RSS

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