“Human rights is secured in democracy,” argues former President Yadav


Pokhara, Sept 9: Former President Ram Baran Yadav insisted on the protection and implementation of new constitution arguing that it is the construction that safeguards democracy and the human rights.
Inaugurating the 25th annual general assembly of the Amnesty International here Friday, former President Yadav argued that the implementation of new constitution would face problems if the elections in all three levels were not held within the stipulated times.
Yadav urged the major political parties to be alert not to let the political achievements go in vain. Stating that the need of hour was the unity among the people of hill, mountain and Terai, he stressed the resolution of the issues emerging in various parts of the Terai in regard to the new national statue.
Similarly, National Human Rights Commission Chairperson Anupraj Sharma bemoaned that the political parties as well as the government were not being able protect the human rights of public in some cases.
Likewise, former speaker of the parliament Damannath Dhunagana highlighted the role of human rights activists for formulation of laws and implementation of constitution. RSS

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