Jumla’s scrunchy apples for sale


Kathmandu, Sept 11: With the great Nepalese festivals of Bada Dashain, Tihar and Chhath just around the corner, the sale of organic apples from the western highland of Jumla have started at the major thoroughfares of the capital city.

S DK Apple Gardening on Saturday held a press conference announcing the annual arrival of Jumla’s apples in Kathmandu for this festive season. The company has been selling the apples for the past four years.

The organic, certified, fresh and quality apples can be purchased in Nepalese market at a cost of Rs 140 to Rs 160 per kilo.

Last year alone, 15 tons of apples from Jumla were sold in Kathmandu, company’s Dinesh Khadka said. The company plans to up the scale this year with a sales target touching on 17 tons. RSS

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