Campaign to clear encroachment yet to materialize


Dhangadi, Sept 12: The ‘Campaign for Immediate Removal of Encroachment’ launched to clear encroachments in Dhangadi Sub Metropolitan City has been limited to documents.

The City’s Executive Officer, Ram Lal Shrestha, during a Town Council meeting held nine months ago had announced the government’s plans to remove the encroachment on rivers, roads and public land properties but it has not been implemented till date.

The Sub Metropolitan City Office had prepared plans to inform the concerned illegal settlers to move out and warned of using force for those not complying with the instruction nine months ago.

The street vendors have also caused much hassle for travellers by congesting the already narrow strips of roads whereas the garbage piled up along the streets and illegal construction over canals have risked inundation of the market place.

Meanwhile, Sub Metropolitan City Office, Engineer Dijraj Bhatta, argued that the local administration is preparing to remove the encroachment at the earliest. RSS

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