PM to monitor implementation status of national pride projects


Kathmandu, Sept 12:Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said he would himself monitor the implementation status of national pride projects.
In his address to the meeting of National Development Problems Resolution Committee today, the Prime Minister said he would prepare the schedule for the implementation of projects of national pride and monitor the progress on their implementation chart. He called on ministers to regularly monitor and supervise the projects of subordinate bodies and create atmosphere for their timely completion.
He insisted on the practice of reward and punishment in the implementation of the development projects. On one hand development projects encounter with budgetary constraint while on the other hand capacity of the capital expenditure needs to be increased, he said.
PM Dahal also directed the ministers as well as the secretaries to present themselves to him after doing enough homework for the Committee meeting.
Dahal insisted on seriousness of the authorities concerned, including ministers and secretaries, regarding the execution of development-related projects and works.
Underscoring the selection and implementation of development projects as in line with the federal structure, he directed ministers and secretaries to make necessary preparations in connection to this. He also insisted on clear vision to usher country towards advancement and prosperity.
Present in the meeting were Deputy-Prime Minister, ministers, Vice-Chair of the National Planning Commission and Chief Secretary of the government among others who presented their respective progress reports about the development projects and offered suggestions for the same. RSS

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