Lawmakers air views during parliament special hour


Kathmandu, Sept 12: Lawmakers have, airing their views in special hour of the Legislature-Parliament meeting today, insisted on gearing up for the meaningful enforcement of the constitution and achieving economic progress along with safeguarding nationality and sovereignty.
CPN (UML)’s Astalaxmi Shakya called one and all to unite for the effective enforcement of the constitution. Expressing her concerns over rising incidents of corruption, women violence and paedophilia, she accused the government of being failed to combat such crimes.
She further expressed her belief that no agreement would be signed going against the interests of the nation during the Prime Minister’s upcoming India visit.
CPN (Maoist Center)’s Amanlal Modi Tharu complained that Madhes movements launched for the rights of people there were not recognised by the government.
Mdahesi Janadhikar Forum (Democratic)’s Jitendra Dev said that the Prime Minister of a sovereign nation was supposed to take any decisions on the issue of national interests. He even urged the PM to harmonize the bilateral ties with a neighbouring country. Rastriya Prajatantra Party’s Ananda Devi Panta said that the Local Unit Restructuring Commission should prepare the report being based on the constitutional provision.
Nepal Workers and Peasants Party’s Dilliraj Kafle opined for banning the lawmakers to attend the programmes of NGOs and INGOs.
Rastriya Janamorcha’s Mina Pun expressed the dissatisfaction over the increasing incidents of violence against women.
Nepa party lawmaker Laxman Rajbanshi said that PM’s scheduled trip to India was irrelevant saying that it was the time for implementing the constitution rather embarking on any foreign trips.
Likewise, Nepali Congress’ Amar Singh Pun said that the report prepared by the Local Unit Restructuring Commission was unscientific.
CPN (UML)’s Guru Prasad Burlakoti complained over tardiness in the distribution of relief assistance to the quake survivors who are still forced to live under tents. No effective initiatives were made so far to ease their pain, he argued.
Ramhari Khatiwada of Nepali Congress demanded the government provide Rs 150,000 in lump sum to the quake survivors as pledged in the past before the Dashain festival.
Referencing some remote quake-hit districts where the quake victims had to walk three days to reach their respective district headquarters to receive the aid, he pressed for providing them with Rs 150,000 before the upcoming Dashain.
Similarly, Shyam Kumar Shrestha argued that Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who is shortly embarking on a state visit to India as the executive head of the government in Nepal, should be allowed to perform without any internal interference.
Likewise, Bharat Khadka spoke of the need to consider equal distribution of resources to all provinces.
Rewati Raman Bhandari questioned the government over the delay in the formation of a special committee regarding the impeachment as well as a Security Special Committee. He stated that such a delay was likely affect the constitution enforcement process. Parliamentarians Aangdi Sherpa, Ram Ayodhya Prasad Yadav and Goma Kunwar, Ahamad Siddiqui also expressed their views on the country’s contemporary issues in the special hour. RSS

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