Making constitution all-acceptable Govt’s priority: PM Dahal


Lahan, Sept 12: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said making the constitution all-acceptable and implementing it effectively was the top priority of the government.

In a telephone address to a party gathering at Mircharya here on Monday, PM Dahal said, “Government is planning to ensure rights to the oppressed class, region, and ethnicities with the amendment of the constitution.” The PM had to make the telephone address to the gathering, for he failed to visit here owning to flight disruption triggered by the torrential rain.

He however said the process to amend constitution would be accelerated after he returns from India visit. “I am well aware about the Madhes problems. So, the constitution amendment duly addresses the Madhesi grievances,” he tried to assure, adding that he was for strengthening the internal nationality.
The first phase of the initiation of the Postal Highway has been finalized, and the discussion would be held with India during his imminent visit there, according to him.
On the occasion, Province No 2 In-charge of the party, Matrika Yadav said only internal nationality fostering harmony among the people from Madhes and hills would help strengthen country. RSS

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