Air service obstructed in Bhojpur


Bhojpur, Sept 13: Air service has been disrupted in Bhojpur district for the past one week due to unfavourable weather condition.

The Nepal Airlines Corporation has stopped providing the service, citing unfavourable weather. The service has been disrupted at the only airport in the district from September 6.

Mostly, patients have been directly hit hard due to the obstruction of the service, said Assistant Station Chief of NAC, Bhojpur, Raju Mijar.

The Tara Airlines had been making flight to Kathmandu once a week but the service has been closed for the past four months. The NAC has been providing its service to Biratnagar thrice a week—Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and four flights to Kathmandu.

Meanwhile, transport service has been obstructed along most of the road sections in Bhojpur due to incessant rainfall. RSS

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