Children, the base of country’s future: President Bhandari


Kathmandu, Sept 14: President Bidya Devi Bhandari termed today’s children as the ‘base of country’s future’ with insistence on creating a suitable environment for them to get educated.
At a programme jointly organized by Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare Central Child Welfare Board on the occasion of National Children’s Day-2073, President Bhandari laid stress on need for everyone’s focus on suitable familial environment for children’s education and good health.
“We have to invest in education and good health, everyone needs to focus on save children promotional programme for their physical and mental development,” President Bhandari said.
Children are sources of multi talents and that they should be provided with special care and attention from before they are born while ensuring their access to education and health, she said.
Saying that children are still deprived of basic fundamental rights like that of health and education, she called for ending child trafficking and abuse and stopping the trend of meted out punishments to them in the name of discipline.
She also stressed the need for acknowledging past mistakes in the sector of child rights and implanting provisions of child rights in the constitution.
Likewise, Minister for Youth and Sports Daljit Sripaili, at the event, said the government would continue to focus on children’s rights to education, health and their holistic development.
President of Women, Children, Social Welfare and Senior Citizens Committee Ranju Thakur said children are still being tortured in the name of discipline and it must be stopped. She was view of taking effective measures to fight against child and women trafficking.
Board chair Dilliram Giri said Board activities are completely focused on protecting and promoting child rights.Student Sewa Kumari Yadav drew the government attentions towards less access of girls to health, education and other state facilities. The Nepal’s constitution has defined the child rights in its fundamental rights. Nepal is celebrating September 14 or Bhadau 29 in the Nepali calendar every year as the National Children’s Day since 1990. RSS

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