Five-year-old with intestinal oddity diagnosed in Jhapa


Jhapa, Sept 15: In one of the unusual medical cases, doctors at the Mechi Zonal Hospital in Bhadrapur, Jhapa have diagnosed a child with intussusceptions, a medical condition in which a part of the intestine folds into another section of intestine.
The rare occurrence among children where the small intestine collapses into the bigger one has been diagnosed in a five-year-old boy of Surunga in the district, according to Sanjaya Kumar Gupta, Radiologist of the Hospital.
Radiologist Gupta said that the child whose name has been withheld was admitted to the Hospital two days ago for an abdominal related complication. The medical team found out the oddity after the video X-ray of the child’s stomach.
Gupta shared that such an abnormality is detected in one among a million children, adding that such abnormality could claim life if not treated timely.

The child has already been referred to Dharan-based BPKIHS for further treatment. RSS

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