MoIC directs subordinate bodies to prepare organizational structures to suit federal system


Kathmandu, Aug. 28: The Ministry of Information and Communications has directed its subordinate bodies to prepare a draft of the structure of their offices to suit the federal setup.
Joint Secretaries at MoIC- Suresh Adhikari and Ram Chandra Dhakal- directed the chiefs of the departments and media chairs under the Ministry to prepare a structure of their offices for federal system and submit to the Ministry by Friday. They made such directive during a discussion with the taskforce on information and communication in the federal structure formed by the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers today.
The draft for the federal structure of the concerned offices would highlight the major activities to be done by the offices in the central, provincial and local level, and the division of works in line with the regulations.
The draft of the restructuring of entire information and communications sector would have Mass communications, telecommunications, postal service, right to information and its challenges in the first part, while objective of study, study method, and constitution provision in second part, work division and analysis, principles and process, activities under the regulation in part three, and organizational management, and summary in the fourth part.
The discussion was attended by Chairman of the National News Agency, Kulchandra Wagle, and General Manager Nirmala Acharya, Chairman of Press Council Nepal, Borna Bahadur Karki, Director General at Department of Information, Raghuram Bista, General Manager of Gorkhapatra Corporation, Sushil Koirala, General Manager of Laxman Humagain and others. RSS

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