Hydro power project poses risk to settlement


Parbat, Aug 29: The under construction Middle Modi Hydro Power Project has posed a grave risk to the tourist hotspots at Birethanti Bazaar located along the banks of the Modi river.

The Project management has recklessly started building embankments along the river endangering the whole of the settlement in the Bazaar, locals complain. At least 15 households at Dansing VDC in Birethanti are in risk of landslide due to the hydro power project.

Middle Modi Hydro Power Porject Concern Committee Chairman Manoj Gurung said the locals had demanded constructing the embankment at both side of the banks of the river but it went unheard.

The Project Chief Hari Devkota said the embankment was constructed at the side as there had been such structure before. RSS

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