God’s money for ashram


Ratnanagar, Aug 29: A youth from Bharatpur of Chitwan who currently lives in Japan has raised funds for those in need by collecting the money he offered in name of God from various temples over the year.

Sanjay Chalise, who hails from Bharaptur – 15, donated Rs 101,000 for the hapless people liviing in Manavsewa Ashram Chitwan, a campaigner, Suman Bartola said.

Sanjay’s father and mother, Guna Chalise and Shova Chalise, extended the donation on behalf of their son at the ashram, Bartaula added.

The ashram provides care for hapless, mentally retarded, differently abled persons and homeless people. A total of 47 people are taking shelter at the ashram, which has been providing services in Chitwan, Makawanpur and Kathmandu.

Ashram’s Coordinator, Ramji Adhikari, said the ashram is currently campaigning to save the homeless people forced to lead a rigorous street life.

Under the campaign, the ashram has already rescued around 500 from the streets and helped 100 of them to reunite with their families. RSS

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