Financial assistance for kidney patient


Kathmandu, Aug 30: The Deepshika Foundation has recently provided financial aid for the treatment of kidney patient Laxmi Rana, a once-upon-time artiste of the Nepali film industry.
Foundation’s President Deepshika Khadka provided Rs 300,000 to Rana, stating that she would like to give back to society in a personal capacity.
The Foundation, as a charity, has been providing financial support to the poor and needy ones.
Patient Rana, who has acted in Nepali movies like ‘Manakanama’, ‘Eksaath’, ‘Malai Maaf Garideu’ has both of her kidneys failed. She was first diagnosed of kidney failure eight years ago.
A campaign was recently launched to collect financial aid for Rana who had not been able to receive proper treatment for her ailment owing to her bleak financial condition. RSS

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