BP’s role on Nepali literature and politics hailed


Kathmandu, Aug 30: Politicians and literati have said the role BP Koirala played in Nepali politics and literature was unforgettable.
At a programme organized by Language and Essay Department of Nepal Academy, and the BP Memorial Trust on the occasion of the 102nd birth anniversary of BP Koirala here Tuesday, the speakers said BP Koirala was socialist in politics and anarchist in literature.
Chancellor of Nepal Academy, Ganga Prasad Upreti said BP’s works have advocated for ones’ right to freedom. He had no difference in politics and literature, argued Upreti.
Litterateur and politician Pradip Nepal said if BP had showed the activism he had in literature in the politics, Nepal would have witnessed tremendous development. “If BP’s visions are materialized, country’s prosperity is not so far,” he added.
Acting Chairman of the BP Memorial Trust, Shree Harsha Koirala, accused the Nepali Congress of failing to take ahead BP’s views in politics. “BP always stood for people and the country,” he argued.
Similarly, youth leader of Nepali Congress Gururaj Ghimire said BP Koirala was the modern political thinker. He further said BP’s jailed life has turned boon to Nepali literature.
Senior literature Dhruba Chandra Gautam said BP was the founder of Nepali society. BP’s role to bring in the trend of psychological reading in Nepali literature is unforgettable.
Youth leader and litterateur Dharmendra Nembang said the communists who decried the democratic socialism of BP Koirala are now taking a path to BP’s precepts. RSS

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