Genuine demands are addressed thru dialogue, consensus: PM Dahal


Kathmandu, Aug. 31: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said the genuine demands of the Madhesi people relating to their dissatisfaction with some contents of the constitution could be addressed through dialogue and consensus.
Addressing a programme organized by the Constitution Day main celebration committee at the Home Minister today, PM Dahal said, “Efforts are underway to consolidate the nation by ensuring the broader acceptability of the constitution. The constitution has reflected our originality. However, it can be amended as per the time.”
The PM further said except Nepal’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and national independence, other issues could be changed as per the need.
“The experience in the world says there is never 100 percent consensus and agreement on any agenda. The compromise and agreement sometimes may result in grudges,” he said, adding that it was a matter of pride to get opportunity to celebrate Constitution Day after bringing the constitution through the Constituent Assembly after long struggle.
On the occasion, PM Dahal suggested the committee for innovative way of celebrations. He expressed commitment that the members of the first and second CA would be provided medal or certificate for their contribution to the constitution writing.
Various persons including Energy Minister Janardan Sharma and Chairman of Administrative Court Kashiraj Dahal suggested the government to recognize the some people with special contribution to constitution writing.
Secretary at Home Ministry Narayan Gopal Malego presented the work plan of the celebration of the Constitution Day. The meeting was attended by various dignitaries including Speaker Onsari Gharti, Deputy Prime Ministers, and ministers.

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