Rehabilitation of freed haliya, ex-kamaiyas and kamlari demanded


Kathmandu, Aug. 31: Various organizations have drawn the government’s attention to rehabilitate the freed haliya, ex-kamaiyas and kamlari.
The National Freed Haliya Society Federation, Kamaiya System Abolition Society, Freed Kamaiya Women’s Development Forum, Nepal National Dalit Society Welfare Association and National Dalit Network submitted a memorandum to Minister for Land Reform and Management, Bikram Pande, and demanded rehabilitation of the ex-kamaiyas, haliyas and kamlaris.
The kamaiyas, haliyas, and kamlaris were the bonded labour system especially in the mid western region of the country. They were freed on different dates after 2057 BS. Although these communities were announced free, they are yet to be fully rehabilitated.
On the occasion, Minister Pande assured that he would discuss with the concerned bodies and take initiative to solve the problems.
Chairman of Haliya Society Rajuram Bhul said the government must provide at least three ropanis of land to each free-haliya family instead of the earlier decision of providing Rs 200,000 worth three ropanis of land.
Similarly, Chairwoman of Kamaiya System Abolition Society, Basanti Chaudhari, said the record of those missed in the first phase should be updated.
Others were for the implementation of the agreements the government had for the respects of those backward communities. RSS

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