Constitutional Monarchy and Hindu kingdom demanded


Sindhuli, Sept 1: Chairman of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP)- Nepal, Kamal Thapa, has said that the country is in crisis due to the greed for power among the political parties.
Addressing the district-level gathering organised by the party’s Sindhuli unit, at Sindhulimadhi today, Chairman Thapa said the country, which is facing a long transition, has not been able to move ahead as per the people’s expectation after the promulgation of the new constitution.
He blamed the political parties of indulging in power-tussle game rather than working to end the transition by implementing the constitution.
Meanwhile in Bardibas, Chairman Thapa said that the new constitution should be amended in line with declaring constitutional monarchy and Hindu kingdom.
Addressing the cadres training at Bardibas, he said, “We kept our demands aside adopting the democratic process during the constitution promulgation. Now the ruling parties and Madhes-based parties have been raising voices for constitution amendment. Our demands should be included in the amendment.”
Chairman Thapa said that his party would come up with a strategy after studying the amendment proposal to be registered by the ruling parties. RSS

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