13 Indians affected by Zika virus in Singapore


NEW DELHI, Sept. 1 : (Xinhua) — India Thursday said 13 Indian nationals have been affected by the mosquito -borne Zika virus in Singapore.Indian External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup confirmed the figures to the media, quoting the Indian mission in the Southeast Asian country.
Singapore has been witnessing a spurt in Zika virus, with more than 100 affected by the disease so far.Zika is a member of the virus family Flaviviridae and the genus Flavivirus. It is spread by daytime-active Aedes mosquitoes, such as A. aegypti and A. albopictus.

The infection, known as Zika fever or Zika virus disease, often causes no or only mild symptoms, similar to a very mild form of dengue fever.So far, there have been no cases of Zika virus found in India.

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