Landslide displaces five families


Myagdi, Sept 4: Five families have been displaced due to the risk of landslide at Bhagawati-1 in Myagdi district.
The families of Kamala Karki, Hari Darjee, Sharan Bahadur Darjee, Rammaya Karki and Gyan Bahadur Karki have been displaced after land above the settlement started sliding.
Coordinator of the Ward Citizen Forum, Bal Krishna Karki, said that houses of Kamal Karki and Top Bahadur Karki are at the risk of being buried by the landslide. He said, “Landslide is still taking place. More than 20 houses will be at the risk if the landslide does not stop.” Displaced families have been taking shelter at their relatives’ houses and at the building of the local Aama Samuha or mother’s group.RSS

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