Save Gangamaya Campaigners to known international court


Kathmandu, Sept 12: Save Gangamaya Campaigners have warned of seeking the help of the International Criminal Court if action against Chhabilal Poudel, the alleged murderer of Krishna Prasad Adhikari, was not forwarded by arresting him immediately.

Gangamaya, mother of Krishna Prasad, has been staging a fast-on-to-death at Bir Hospital for the past 32 days, demanding action against the murderers of her son.

Organising a news conference here today, the members of the Campaign demanded that the government immediately arrest the main accused Poudel to save life of Gangamaya, saying the health condition of Gangamaya was critical.

Campaigner Om Prakash Aryal warned that they would move ahead as per the international law if action was not taken as per the national law, saying the Supreme Court had also ordered to arrest the main accused.
Saying although the Chitwan District Court has said that it would take statement from Gangamaya in relation to the case the Hospital, another campaigner Prof Kapil Shrestha urged the government to be serious towards as her health condition was serious.
Similarly, campaigners—Dinesh Tripathi, Kapil Shrestha, Subodh Pyakurel, Sharmila Karki, Rasana Dhakal, among others said that they would also urge United Nations and Secretary General Ban-Ki moon for help if justice was not given to Gangamaya before Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s departure for United Nations General Assembly next week.

On the occasion, Dr Kedar Narsingh KC urged Gangamaya to break the hunger-strike immediately. He said, “We are in your support. Break the hunger-strike first and let’s fight together for justice.” RSS

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