Province 2 to witness utmost development: PM Oli

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Janakpurdham. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has assured the lawmakers of Province 2 that this province would witness utmost development during his tenure.

During his address at the Provincial Assembly meeting here today, PM Oli said every measure of prosperity would be adopted- constructions of international airport at Nijgadh, east-west highway, industrial village, medical college and universities, irrigation canals, industries, and housing. Homework is underway for this, he informed.

“Because Province 2 has more potentials than others from development viewpoints, no delay is entertained to this regard. Creation of jobs to stop exodus of youths for foreign employment is imperative,” emphasized, adding that modernization of agriculture and conservation of Chure region were other pertinent issues.

According to him, readiness for the implementation of Koshi-Kamala diversion was needed. “Conservation and utilization of fertile land, promotion of horticulture with cooperatives for the export is equally important,” he argued, sharing the information that the Ministry of Urban Development had allocated 70 percent budget for Tarai/Madhes.

The postal highway would be completed in five years, he assured.

The PM further said, “Railway and the ships to cruise towards Kolkata port run through this Province. Nepali people would get opportunity to see the ship hoisting national flag.”

Moreover, he said eight thousand houses- one thousand in each district of the Province- would be constructed under the people housing programme. Plan is afoot to replace the thatch roofs with tin roofs to prevent fire.

A manimandap would be set up to preserve the mythical antique found during the excavation at manimandap of Janakpurdham. Government has allocated budget for it. Similarly, establishment of a university, and a medical college in the name of Republican leader Ramraja Prasad Singh in Rajbiraj was also planned as the PM shared.

“I’m disheartened to read the news about violence against women in the name of dowry and witchcraft in the region where intellectual people lived since ancient time. One can correct him/herself to wipe out superstition, inhuman behaviour and uncivilized culture,” he reminded.

The government was for developing the religious places as Jaleshwor, Simraungadh, Dhanushadham, Janakpur, Sakhadabhagawati and others to unlock the potential of religious tourism. The PM argued that after the Indian Prime Minister visited Janakpur and Muktinath, the number of tourists increased sharply in these places.

Prime Minister Oli said the discussion was underway with both neighbouring countries positively for the construction of east-west or north-south railway.

Saying the federal government was not discriminatory, he expressed commitment to help implementing the plans of provincial government.

The PM reminded that he was unaware who, how and why gunfire took place at Maleth at a time when he was returning after addressing mass gathering in Saptari.

He said that the constitution would be amended as per the need of time and people’s aspiration, requesting all not to run after rumour. He reiterated, “The Constitution is dynamic. It is amended as per the need.”

The PM shared the information that a legal provision of providing Nepali citizenship to the child whose father or mother has acquired Nepali citizenship has already been devised.

PM Oli urged, “People’s trust should not be hurt. People’s representatives should make people realize that democracy is rule of law.”

Saying country’s relation with two neighbouring countries—India and China– is very friendly, he asserted they were ready to provide support from all sides to make government’s campaign of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’ a success.

It was also reminded that he openly put his views with Indian Prime Minister regarding inundation problem triggered by embankments constructed by India at different places and the Indian PM was positive to resolve this problem.

He said, “Common problems of Nepal and India should be resolved as per the mutual understanding. India is positive in this regard.”

Prime Minister Oli addressed the Province Assembly meeting, held under the chairmanship of Speaker Saroj Yadav, for one hour and thirty eight minutes.


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