One Thousand Quarantine Beds in Karnali

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 Surkhet . The State government is to establish 1000-bed capacity quarantine facility in the state. With the support of Nepali Army, the State government is setting up 600-bed quarantine in Mid-western university premises and 400-bed in Radio Nepal premises.

Furthermore, the State government has decided to allocate Rs. 500 million to set up a fund for immediate disaster management. The expenses in response to Coronavirus infection will be made through the fund, said the government spokesperson Bimala KC.

Likewise, the government has decided to put any foreigner entering the state into 14-day mandatory quarantine. Supply of daily essentials will be facilitated and regular information shall be disseminated through the use of media including social networking sites.

Karnali citizens living and working in India have been urged to return back and will be put into quarantine before they are sent to their respective home upon return from India, said Minister KC.

Likewise, COVID-19 response committees will be constituted from the State to the ward level. A high-level committee has been formed at the state level under the leadership of Social Development Minister Dal Rawal.


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