Teachers’ Federation demands dialogue with government

Kathmandu, Oct 21: Nepal Teachers’ Federation today demanded a dialogue with the government to resolve the problems faced by the temporary teachers.
Federation Chairman Keshav Niraula and General Secretary Tilak Kunwar issued a statement calling on the Education Ministry to resolve the problems of the temporary teachers through dialogue and negotiations.
The Temporary Teachers Struggle Committee is continuing its agitation demanding permanent status through competitive approach and appropriate facility for temporary teachers before they are given retirement from their job.
The Federation has also demanded release of five teachers arrested in course of the enforced closure of the Sarowasti Secondary School at Koteshwor on Thursday.
Committee Chairman Narendra Kunwar shared that the teachers have been compelled to resort agitation and close down the schools. The Committee has been demanding internal competition of the temporary teachers and medicinal facility to those failing to obtain permanent status.
The Education Act (Eight Amendment), 2073 has provisioned for ‘Golden Handshake’ for temporary teachers or examination to give them a chance to gain permanent status. RSS

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