Five Decisions of Thulung Dudhkoshi After Lockdown Time Added !

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Solukhumbu. Thulung Dudhkoshi VDC, the largest village in the district, has decided to do six important tasks after the lockout period is extended.

The meeting, chaired by Village President Asim Rai, on Monday afternoon made five important decisions, including the supply of food, essential supplies. Thulung Dudhkoshi Village President Asim Rai said that the villagers, which have been campaigning intensely against the Corona virus (Covid-19), have been making various decisions, including four emergency meetings, on Monday.

On Monday, the first of the 5 decisions made by the meeting decided to give responsibility to the two businessmen of each ward for the supply of food and essential commodities. In addition, it has been decided that the designated entrepreneurs will not be able to raise prices by recommending the district administration to pass them on for transportation.

The meeting decided to stop the distribution of alcoholic beverages within the village during the lockdown by the government and encourage the common man to build caravans in every house and build cranberries in the service delivery from the office.

Similarly, in the third decision, the reporting and management ward will be constantly monitored by seven persons who come to the municipality from abroad. In the fourth decision, additional criteria and distribution quota will be set for relief distribution. And fifthly, the important decision was made to continuously program programs to monitor the market, cleanliness and raise awareness.

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