Allegations between the first ‘Voice of Nepal’ and the organizers: Complaint that the winner did not get the Prizes !

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Kathmandu. CD Vijay Adhikari, the winner of the first edition of the singing reality show ‘The Voice of Nepal’, has complained that he has not received the promised gift even after a year and a half.

The official made the revelation on his official Facebook account. He has urged the fans to understand his feelings and suggest otherwise nasochikan advice.

He wrote, “Even though you have won the title of The Voice of Nepal for many years with faith and love, there was a suspicion that the voice team did not show much interest, support, promotion and attachment towards the winner.” Even after years of not handing over the entire prize and music video project, I am very worried and have decided to take some steps.’

Officials also want fans to know if they are willing to help. “Whether you are ready to help me or not, please tell me,” he wrote. The people who have survived with the blessings of the people here now want to take the next step by holding the rope of their hands and advice. ‘

More than 200 people have commented on his post and promised to help. Sushil Nepal, the announcer and executive producer of Voice, has also responded to the official’s post.

He has informed through the official’s Facebook status that he is unhappy. He also alleged that not only CD Vijay Adhikari but also other participants had done injustice but they have made it clear that they have not done injustice to anyone till now and will not do it in future.

He wrote, ‘I also started my own house and land mortgage show thinking of doing something in the music world. I did not charge a single rupee from any contestant but ate a meal. I rented one of the most expensive villas in Kathmandu and lent it to my friends and not only provided accommodation for 36 participants but also washed their underwear.

“So far, I have calculated where the songs have been sung and how much money has come. I have already given Rs 2.7 million to CD Vijay. The rest of the money should not be given, we will give it, ‘he wrote,’ No matter how we make our promise, we ask for the ability to be victorious. Although you know all these things very well, you have made us naked from Facebook, so I was forced to write here again what I am telling you. I’m sorry.’

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