First case of scrub typhus in Bhaktapur


Bhaktapur, Sept 1: A six-year-old child has been diagnosed with scrub typhus in Bhaktapur district, said the Bhaktapur District Hospital. This is the first ever case of the disease detected in Bhaktapur, doctors said.
Following the detection, dermatologist Dr Shambhu Datta Joshi sounded the alarm and asked authority concerned to stay alert as many other people may have contracted the disease. The government has been providing free treatment for the disease and providing medicines free of cost.
The disease is an acute, febrile, infectious illness caused by Orientia tsutsugamushi, spreading especially in the eastern region since last year. So far the disease has been detected in various 20 districts and Chitwan has the highest infected rate.
So far five people have died of the disease and about 400 people have been infected with it across the country. RSS

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