Stone used in place of weighing blocks to cheat consumers

Morang, Oct 15: Consumers heading out into the Biratnagar Bazaar are being tricked in day light in absence of an effective monitoring mechanism by the concerned regulating body.

The consumers are forced to weigh the purchased products reliant on a weighing scale that use stones in place of traditional weighing blocks due to the absence of effective monitoring by the Bureau of Standards and Metrology Regional Office in Biratnagar.

The businessmen and entrepreneurs in the sprawling Biratnagar thoroughfare are using stones instead of weighing blocks to get more out of the innocent consumers.

Local, Om Raj Chaulagain, said the consumers are being swindled as the Metrology’s Eastern Regional Office in Biratnagar has not carried out their duty effectively.

The employees at the Metrology Office spend their time chitchatting among each other whole day and due to this trend the monitoring has not been effective, consumer Dev Narayan Sharma shared. RSS

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