Five idols of Dipankar Buddha in processions


Bhaktapur, Aug 30: The Buddhist religious festival of Panchadaan is being marked in the district with the idols of Dipankar Buddha taken out in processions from five different bihars.
The procession will go around the Bhaktapur town and encircle the Buddhist bihars. The five incarnations of Buddha were taken out from Prasannashila Mahabihar in Kwandandau, Jhaurbaihi Mahabihar of Golmadhi, Chaturbramha Mahabihar of Sakotha, Thadubahi Mahabihar of Bharwacho and Kuthbahi Mahabihar of Dhudpati from early in the morning.
As part of the Panchadaan – a Buddhist ritual of donating alms to monks – the monks from Shakyamuni clan and Bahabahi monks are given gifts by the locals.
Panchadaan is known as ‘Panjara’ in local dialect here. ‘Pa’ means ‘earth’ and ‘Ja’ stands for ‘economy’. On the occasion, five sorts of crops including fruits that the earth yields are donated. RSS

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